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buying a homeTop 3 Things To Know When Buying A Home

Buying a home is a big step. Sometimes it can be overwhelming but knowing these 3 things can make your home buying experience a little easier.

  1. You should get pre-approved by a lender prior to looking at homes. This assures that you are looking in the right price range so that you don’t find your dream home and find out later that it isn’t in your budget.
  2. You should use a Real Estate Agent. As a buyer an agent not only helps you find a home that matches your search criteria, but also negotiates on your behalf. As a buyer you do not pay the Real Estate agents commission. The commission is paid by the Sellers. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of a service that is free to you?
  3. Zillow is unreliable. The data is manually entered by agents and is not updated in Real time. The Zestimates are typically inaccurate. Zillow no longer syndicates from the MLS, meaning that the data is often outdated. Keep this in mind when looking at listings on Zillow.

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